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Friday, April 3, 2015

Two Steps Forward and Two Steps Back

Thats what spring has become. Off to a nice early start last week but now back to snowing and cold. It looked nice in the sunshine yesterday but the wind was cold and uninviting.
I guess it was a little early anyway. Two short days ago I was out riding the trike in relative comfort in the near 50 degree temperatures. Checking out Silver Birches where I see I have lost the battle with wildlife. Raccoons and skunks have found their way under the wall of the house and the whole place reeks now. I did not encounter any wildlife inside but plenty of sign of their activity.  The trail in remains under water in two spots making it inaccessible to heavy vehicles. 


  1. Spring is here. Now it's mud again. Pretty soon the ground will harden into rock as the clay dries. At least here we are usually spared the snow. And time to trap the skunks before the dog finds them. :-)

  2. spring is over-rated. I like winter, you can't work because there is too much snow or mud or rain or you have a cold...