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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lazy Blogging

Maybe its a little lazy blogging just to post a link to my latest youtube video. But some days I don't have much to say.
I posted this "how to" video yesterday for the flathead guys who might find it handy when needing to do a compression test on their engine and nobody handy to push the starter button. Not likely a lot of people will find that too interesting. Maybe I need to start a whole new blog devoted to the 52 Mercury.
I got a lot of hits on the "Cutting Bulrushes in January" vid from a few days before. No critical comments yet.
I did manage to upset the safety police on one forum when they watched my hammer mill video from November. In which I purposely stepped over the moving drive belt several times, just couldn't resist annoying people I guess. It looks dangerous but trust me, its safe. So safe you wouldn't believe it.

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  1. I'm sure our old sawmill wouldn't have passed muster with OSHA, either.