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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

More Of The Same

Its been an easy winter so far. No snow to move but enough to keep everything white and looking "normal". Above normal temps are agreeable even if they are cause for concern of climate change.
Not a whole lot happening at present. While temps are above normal it is still cold working with bare hands on rusty old vehicles in an un heated shed.
I did get the front bumper of the Mercury removed finally. It had an uneven look to it all the time and I thought I might be able to improve on it. Not so sure now. That is one heavy piece of iron. They built bumpers like a bull dozer blade in 1952. I found one completely broken off bracket on the left side and it appears to have been that way for a long time.

Now do I attempt to weld it back on and probably damage the chrome surface? Or align and bolt the bumper back in place trusting that the remaining intact brackets will be sufficient? Re-chroming that bumper would likely more than double the value of the entire car at this point yet it would not do a thing towards improving drivability. (Spell check doesn't think that is a word?)
Meanwhile, back in the real world where serious news is happening, check out fellow blogger Budd E. Shepherd's latest blog post at the lazy farmer blog.


  1. It's a fine pickle you've gotten yourself into, Ralph! lol

  2. Drive-ability? Thank you for keeping us informed!!!