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Monday, June 13, 2016

Stopping On A Dime

With 90 cents change, I think that was the old saying . Yes, the 52 Merc now has four wheel brakes that hold on the first application of the pedal. I'm so used to pumping it three times to slow down that it will take some getting used to.
I took advantage of the help I had here today to get the long overdue job done. Bleeding the air from the brake system can be done alone but it is so much easier and wastes less brake fluid if there is someone to help work the pedal.

So it stops good, now if I could get it to go better. Not that these heavy old flathead powered cars were ever considered to be fast but this one is well below even my modest expectations. Its like the dreams I used to have about trying to stop a tractor pushing brake and clutch pedals with all my strength and it just won't stop. Only in this case pushing the pedal to the metal (gas pedal) and the old Mercomatic won't shift up until I ease up on the gas pedal. I'm going to need a longer test track to see what it will do after the 1-2 upshift.
Edit: I finally got this posted this morning. Fell asleep in the middle of trying to upload a photo here last night. Woke up and forgot what I'd been doing and shut down the computer . Lucky that blogger had saved it in drafts so I didn't have to re-write the whole thing.
Sun is shining and wind hardly blowing so maybe back to the crop spraying today.

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