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Sunday, February 5, 2017

See Me On Google Earth

Of course everybody is on google earth. Some visible, some not. Some on street view and some in their vehicles. I am in a "vehicle", actually tractor. I noticed an unusual pattern on one of the fields of Winstanley Grove from 2000 feet up. The field was obviously in the process of being worked so I only had to look a little closer to see my tractor and cultivator at work. That would put it at about 2:00 pm in the afternoon of August 21 of 2012.
Of course hardly anybody works summerfallow anymore as it is considered an inefficient and outdated practice these days. Wasting fuel, eroding  the soil and  releasing  the dreaded carbon to the atmosphere that  will  eventually destroy the world.  I  figure I'm pretty well  balanced  though when you zoom out and  see the huge "carbon  sink" on the rest of the 800 acre patch. Those poplar bushes,  according to what  I have read, absorb  a  lot  of carbon.  So I would  hope I am at least  carbon neutral and can continue my summerfallowing  if  I choose to.  
If you zoom out a bit  on google earth you can see the rest of the hundred acre woods that starts just to the left of this photo. 
Readers of the other blog, Nevardblog, will recognize the name Winstanley Grove as the homestead of great uncle Arthur Nevard.  That little clearing in the trees at lower left of the photo was his yard where  only the remains of the cellar  hole containing the collapsed walls of his log house remain. 
What would the great uncles and grandfathers say seeing a picture like this? Just shake their heads in amazement I'd say. 

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