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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Moose And snow

Scared up a resting moose as I drove into the hundred acre woods yesterday to check on the grain bins. It was laying on the sheltered and sunny side of the bush enjoying the sun. It jumped up and ran around the bush which happened to be the same direction I was traveling so I used my phone to take a video and picture or two. Nothing too impressive as the zoom is fairly limited on the I phone.

Next day a major storm is predicted but I doubt it will amount to much. We are in a continuing drought here since last winter. In a normal winter there is no way in the world that even a four wheel drive vehicle could drive into the places I drove yesterday. Maybe after an hour's work with tractor and blade to clear a trail.

Today about 5:00 it is coming down pretty good and is looking like it might give us a little snow.


  1. Do you see them often? It sure looks cold up your way.

    1. It depends. If you go to where the moose like to hang out you will see them. We have ideal habitat on that chunk of land so that is why we see more there. And it is not as cold as it looks. Any time we see +20F in February-March it is a fine day.