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Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Old 730

I think it was 1965 my uncle Don bought the 730 Case tractor. It was close to new, at least as close as we had ever got to a new tractor except for the ones on the dealer's lot. At 57 horsepower it was a good sized tractor around here for the time.
I learned a lot about working summerfallow in the summer of 1970 when I went to work for him. Somehow the old 730 survived that episode with only a few scratches and dents. And the summerfallow got worked, sort of.
The 730 is in semi retirement now getting occasional exercise on the rotary mower or some blade work. I was going to do  a little snow pushing with it this morning until I realized that the dozer blade itself was buried under a snowbank. I wasn't about to start digging it out so the tractor got a rest and the snow remains.
And Roosty6 made another video :-)

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  1. I worked a 730 in Wyoming in the spring of '73. Dryland and gumbo mud, that was the one tractor that could climb out of any mud hole if you unhitched whatever implement you'd just buried. Remember the farmer calling his buddy that ran the local road grader to pull out the bigger tractor. Unusually wet spring there.