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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Engine Lift

Yes, just another boring update on the engine lift I'm trying out on the Mercury flathead engine. Going against the advice and recommendations of the folks on the ford barn forum, I just had to try it out. I can see where the 3 wheel design could be a little unstable compared to 4. So I very carefully attached it and kept the chain hoist attached as well just in case disaster should strike and the whole thing tip over causing injury to myself or wreck a valuable engine.
It reminds me of years ago when most ATV manufacturers were selling three wheeled vehicles. After a few people were injured when these dangerous three wheelers tipped over, mostly due to operator inexperience or careless driving, the 3 wheel design was dropped. And 4 wheelers replaced them. Safer? A bit, yet we still hear of accidents and injuries involving 4 wheelers.
I've been driving one of those dangerous and unpredictable 3 wheelers for maybe 15 years now without incident. In most cases it seems to be the nut that holds the wheel, or in this case, the handlebars, that is the weak link. I'm hoping my luck holds out with the engine lift. So far it looks good.

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  1. Those yahoos will tear your place up, too, that's why I don't tolerate them.