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Friday, September 21, 2018

Carbon Tax

I'm familiar with the concept you have to spend money to make money in this farming business. But a news interview this morning suggested that by paying the liberal's proposed carbon tax, we will actually get more money back than what we paid in. ?? How is that possible? If I'm going to have to pay more for the fuel I burn farming, heating my home and transporting my product to market, how is that good for me?
The proposed carbon tax starting next January will be $20 a tonne. So many tonnes of carbon do I have? Or produce? Just how do they figure out this magical formula that will make some of us rich by spending our money on a carbon tax? It sounds like one of those schemes where you just hand over your money and trust the government to take care of it.
Link to the National Post article.
Carbon Tax Will Pay?


  1. NOTHING the government touches is ever good.

  2. Incidentally, watch them scream bloody murder if it causes food prices to go up.

    1. you missed article XVIII,para256,of the carbon tax"nope, you ain't passing to the consumer the tax you pay"

  3. I guess if a few more farms go bankrupt it is just collateral damage for the greater good of society.