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Friday, September 14, 2018

September Birthday

Finally  back at harvest yesterday and thinking about September 13th being Grandpa Nevard's birthday. I guess he would be about 133 years old if he were still living. I remember the day he died back in 1979. We were in a harvest hiatus due to damp weather as was not uncommon here.
This photo from 1910 shows him (far left on the load of sheaves)  hard at work pitching sheaves in to the thresher on the Goff/Nevard threshing syndicate. He was just five years out of Essex, U.K. and working hard to improve his new homestead. He took a little break in 1916 to go back and fight for the "old country" in the first world war.


  1. We're blessed to remember our grandparents; many folks grow up without ever knowing them.

    1. Very true Gorges. And I'm just preserving their memories on the www.