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Saturday, January 26, 2019

De-Cluttering? Not me.

The "de-cluttering" fad keeps cropping up in interviews and articles I was thinking about it today as I was building a shelf to hold more clutter. Building out of salvaged 2x4 studs that I had saved by the way. Even the construction screws were second hand.  I guess I am far out from the trend as usual. I have no intention of de-cluttering. I need all that junk around me. Keep it long enough and everything has a purpose. If not for me then for someone else.
I don't think I have reached hoarder status yet but I'm always open to looking at more items :-)
So many times I have heard someone comment, " I used to have one of those and wish I'd never sold, gave, or thrown it away. I've only said that a few times and usually its a large item of machinery that I simply could not afford to keep around. Needed the trade in value.
New shelf from old material.

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  1. Having no-one in the family with my interests, I make some effort to rid myself of some things that have only sentimental value, especially if I can SELL the items. Anything that I think I might be able to use, I keep. However, since my abilities have been diminished by my health, some of that stuff is getting sorted a little, too. Still, I'll never run out of "stuff" unless I have to sell out and move to a smaller place someday.