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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Bondo For The Merc

Beautiful warm weather for Easter weekend. Up to 73F on Friday which is well above normal. Still hardly any rain but somehow the grass is starting to grow. Cows are happy to get out and forage for what they can find but they always come back to fill up at the bale feeder.

Finally got a picture of the little new calf that is now two days old. Looks to be doing alright. First one for the year. I was planning to add a photo of it but it seems google or blogger has come up with some new way to confuse me and I can't figure it out. Maybe later. Ok, I got it.

Fields drying up early but I've only seen one tractor out harrowing so far. I'm  in no hurry as its not late. Been practicing my body repair skills (car body, not human) and its going well. Got the spare fender for the Mercury patched up and looking 100% better. Even sprayed a bit of red primer paint to cover it up. Amazing how good a match red primer is for the faded red of the car. Or else I'm that colour blind.

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