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Friday, June 21, 2019

More Rain And A Garden Update

More rain fell yesterday so there is time for a video edit and update on how the garden is growing. The last two rains (in a week) have literally been life savers for the garden, crops, and maybe some people. I could hardly believe the early potatoes were big enough to need hilling yesterday so I went ahead and got it done, just before the rain hit. Should be some new potatoes within a month.
Crops are looking pretty good considering their dry start. Wheat very good. Canola, patchy due to poor emergence and flea beetle damage but it is a real fighter and should fill in and produce a decent crop. Some canola fields are still a bit hard to identify from the road as they have a lot of bare ground. They will likely fill in now that the rain soaked in but it will be a multi stage crop presenting some difficult harvest decisions. And an early frost will be a disaster for the late stuff.
More showers for today and tomorrow.

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  1. Now that the drought has ended, I hope the monsoons haven't begun.