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Friday, June 7, 2019

Finally, Some Rain

It was not much but a thunderstorm last night showed that maybe it can still rain. Maybe a tenth or so. Still don't have my rain guages out. Not that they would have caught much so far. In the spirit of optimism I planted another row of potatoes this morning. I'm still not up to my usual number but its been so dry and uninspiring that I have been holding off planting. Some  of the early ones are up and looking fairly good.
The daily watering I have been doing on  the single row of beans appears to have paid off as I see some emerging from the ground.
Field crops are doing better than expected considering how little rain we have had this spring. I see some bare patches in the canola field that might be flea beetle damage. Guess I should spray them out but I hate working with insecticides. I noticed the first tiny grasshoppers showing up in the yard grass yesterday. I actually took the lawn tractor out and cut the few patches of grass that had grown  tall enough to need it. What a dusty and dirty job!
Its not quite as hot as 1988 but we have had less rain than 88. That was the driest year ever in my history. So here is a video update of my crops as of June 6.


  1. Prayed for your situation. It's all any of us can do, I guess. Some folks believe the various governments experimenting with weather manipulation (for war purposes) may be responsible for everything being so messed up on a global basis. It wouldn't surprise me, the government ruins everything else that it touches.

  2. Thanks Gorges. It could be a whole lot worse. My crop inputs do not depend on borrowed money due in the fall. No high rents to pay either. There will be many worse off than me if we don't get enough rain to produce a decent crop.