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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

60 Year Mercury

Tomorrow, October 16th, will be the 60th anniversary of my dad buying the 52 Mercury that shows up so often in my videos. Guess I was too young to remember the day but I certainly remember the many trips in the ensuing ten years that it was the main transportation for the family. Year round through mud and snow the old Merc always got us where we needed to be. Finally in October of 69 it became impossible to start. The accumulated miles and years had dropped the compression on the old flathead so low that it would not fire up. Being an automatic transmission we did not have the time honoured method of pull  starting with a tractor. So it sat for another decade or so until my brother took on the project of getting it running again. New pistons and a valve grind put it back in great running order. Only a few miles were put on it before it was parked again as other interests came along. It was moved from one parking spot to another to eventually a spot in the woods where it was in danger of being overgrown by poplars. Finally by 2014 my interest revived in seeing if it would still run. It did! With a little work.
Got some video put together of mostly still photos from the 1960s. Including the original bill of sale.

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