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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Some Harvest Progress

Its been a busy week with finally getting into the field to harvest some wheat. Not dry by any means but I think it will be safe enough to store in the bin for a while. Hope the grain buyers will take it at 17%+ moisture. It just refuses to dry down any lower and I can't take the chance of getting more drying weather this late in the season. Possible, but a slim chance.
Only been stuck once with the combine so far and it was not too dramatic or time consuming getting pulled out. Had a neighbour wanting to bale my hailed oat crop so that saved me 60 acres of combining plus will make a little cash on the bales.
Only 65 acres wheat left to go now so there is still hope. Even though it is freezing and trying to sleet/snow this morning.
Biggest problem has been the wheat, and oats, laying flat on the ground for most of the field making it necessary to scrape the ground with the combine header to get most of the crop. That would be fine if we didn't have moles and badgers leaving hidden mounds of dirt for the header to scoop up. Many trips up and down the combine ladder to shovel wet dirt out of the header. One morning the stone trap was even froze up with dirt from the night before.
Dryers and propane trucks are running day and night as those who have dryers are pushing it to the limit. Hard to have to spend more money drying a crop that has already down graded to feed quality in some cases.
I'm lucky to have my support crew keeping me going in this stressful time.
Youtube videos to follow when I've got time to catch up on editing.

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  1. I wish you best on everything, Ralph. At least it sounds like thing are winding down.