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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Above The Law

Seems like these strikers are above the law and free to hold the Western economy for ransom because of their greed. Clearly breaking the laws with their barricades. Stopping fuel trucks from picking up fuel. And the police seem to be just standing by and watching. Why are they not clearing up the roadblocks so normal business can resume? Who is really pulling the strings on these puppets? Its been 50 days or more now. Lucky this is not during peak fuel use season or I don't know what would happen.


  1. Crooked government tolerating crooked unions.

  2. Is that what it's all about? I thought they were just fighting to keep their pensions untouched, for which I wouldn't blame them. Guess I have to take another look. -Kate

    1. From what I understand they have been getting their full pension contributions from the Co-op and not putting any of their own money in which is a far better deal than the average worker gets. The union does not want them to give that up. They are making way more than a lot of people already.

    2. What a sweet deal. I wouldn't want to give it up either! Who would? Especially once you've already had it for some time. -Kate