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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Protestor Diets

This farmer talks pretty fast so you might need to set your playback speed down on youtube because his message, though delivered in a humourous vein, is right on the mark when it comes to what it takes to produce food. Even a vegan diet. Unless they plant and harvest the crops with humans and horses, its going to take diesel fuel to do it.


  1. "Am [I] being a bit ridiculous?"
    Why yes, yes he is. Glad he squeezed that question in there to admit he's going a little over the top. Let's just admit that not all the agricultural practices we believe are the only way to feed ourselves will always be the only way to feed ourselves, and get on with the business of finding better ways to do things while we limp along causing so much pollution and other environmental degradations. The way we've practised agriculture in the past 50 years doesn't have to be the way we practise it for the next millennia. Let's hope human technology and agriculture can develop with less harm to the air, water, plant and wildlife habitat, and thus to ourselves. What is so terrible about trying to change the way we do things, when the way we do them now is so damaging? I guess we need to have a sense of humour about it, but it's not a laughing matter. -Kate

    1. Its true I think today's farming methods are unsustainable long term. And some of us are tired of making the seed, chemical and fertilizer companies rich.

  2. almost a lot of the youthful protesters believe that the star trek tv shows are trueful documentaries about real interstellar travel. the want to go really really a lot.
    they just know they can get the food they want from the star trek converter units and so we can just stop this difficult farming stuff. and greta the little angle, should know where the plastic her sailboat is made of, came from. same stuff used to get her fake butter from. but we all know, you can get real butter from a new jersey cow without using petroleum, unless you want to ship it to NYC.