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Friday, April 24, 2020

Spring 2020

Finally some spring like weather this week. Warm, in the sixties a few days and as of today, 24th April, most of the snow is gone. Surprisingly wet in the fields considering how little snow we had. Guys were combining last week trying to clean up last fall's leftover harvest. It went ok with the ground still frozen solid but this week not so good. I see muddy ruts as the frost comes out of the ground. So I'm leaving that wheat field a little longer in hopes of avoiding getting stuck with the swather and combine.
Dry fertilizer delivered this week as well as a tank of anhydrous ready to go. The auger complained with shrieks of protest as we started unloading fertilizer. A bearing seal had separated allowing fertilizer dust inside.. By spraying oil on it I was able to limp along with it to finish unloading the semi. Always a worry wondering if the auger will break down in the process of unloading.
The repair was more than I could handle eventually requiring three of us to get the shaft and old bearing out of the auger.
The last calf was born 6 days ago and as I feared, I have a new job as a calf feeder. The cow has mastitis or something wrong with her and either has no milk or none good enough to drink. The calf is strong and willing so I've been pail feeding it with milk replacer twice a day.
Great scenery yesterday with the white clouds in blue sky so I shot some driving video and a little drone video as well.


  1. Glad you're finally having some decent weather. A little wet here, but not too bad otherwise.

  2. My neighbor says she is going to cut hay next week!

    1. The grass isn't even high enough for the cows to eat much yet. Still feeding hay bales til it grows bigger.