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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Didn't See The Moose

 I was amazed when somebody commented on my latest youtube video asking about the animals in it. The ones I had not seen. Going back to closely examine the video I was able to see the three moose standing in the bush as the drone flew over it. Easy enough to see once you know they are there. I had only been looking for my cattle and once I found them I guess I sort of fast forwarded the drone back home to the yard. 

Stormy day here but not cold for January. Cold is coming in the next day or so. Been planning to haul grain for a week but something always comes up to stop it. Hard to make plans when the weather is the determining factor. 


  1. Last Thursday I hiked up the Burro Mine Trail a mile or so and noticed a lot of moose activity on the trail. But I didn't see the moose. Just his tracks and droppings.

    On the way down I crossed the stream and came through a grove of cottonwood trees. When I stepped out this bull moose (sans antlers that were just starting to re-emerge) was munching willow branches like they were leaves of tender lettuce. I stopped in my tracks and spoke gently to him. He walked closer and continued eating. I took a few photos and backed away and continued on my way. He is probably 2-3 years old but still 6 feet at his rump. Bigger than your average Apaloosa.

    Two days later, last Saturday, I headed up the trail noting his tracks and droppings up and down the trail. Looks like he has found a new home. About 100 yards from where I had seen him the Thursday before he stepped out on the trail in front of me. I stopped--hoping he would wander across the trail and head up the hills on the other side of the canyon. I have walked passed or seen moose maybe 50 times in the years I have hiked the Burro Mine Trail. 99% of the time they run or trot away when they see a human. The times they have not run away were during the rut in Late Autumn when they are actually pretty hopped up on testosterone and seem generally pissed off at everything. Even then, though, I have passed within 10-20 yards of bull moose without any reaction from them. Last hear I passed between four of them having no choice but to make my way through their association.

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