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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Drone Jan 31

Driving through and flying over the hundred acre woods today. I'd opened up the trail to get some grain hauled out so figured I'd make use of it before it filled with snow again. Being a rare sunny day I took the opportunity to do a lot of experimenting to figure out why the drone would not track me as I drove but eventually got it to work. With a little help from watching youtube videos by people who knew what they were doing. 
We finally got through the cold spell of last week with extreme low temps. Had a calf born one -25F morning. Luckily in the cattle shelter although it was still way too frosty for a new born calf to last long. I was able to drag it into the barn and apply plenty of heat with the space heater to dry it off. After getting the cow persuaded to come inside as well they eventually figured out what they needed to do with only a little help from me. I kept them indoors for the next 4 days of cold weather before releasing them to join the herd. Looking good now in the great outdoors. 

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