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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Looking like Spring

First calf of 2010, well spring is definitely advancing here in the frozen north. That little calf born last week had a few cold days but should be fine now that it is warming up. Saw 50 degrees on the thermometer today so the snow is going fast, not that we had as much as a usual winter anyway. Concern is already being raised as to the shortage of snowmelt water. Could be a dry spring. Not necessarily a disaster as we can still get rains after spring seeding to produce a crop.
I'm in the midst of hauling wheat to the cleaning plant for cleaning. With a little luck it will be going into the ground in about a month.
In spite of all the uncertainty concerning the GMO/Triffid flax situation I have spoken for some certified Sorel flax seed in hopes of growing a field of flax this year. Its a newer variety from the Bethune I have been growing but according to what I hear it is still not a sure thing that it will be free of gmo traces.
Flax prices continue their downward spiral. Glad I sold at $8.50 when I had the chance as theres no telling when or if the price will improve. Canola still pretty flat with just minor ups and downs in the price. Not enough to open up the canola bins on this farm just yet.


  1. I didn't realize there was a crisis with GMO flax. Half the world hates GMO to the point of insanity but the other 1/4 wants to keep growing the GMO crops. The other 1/4 can't afford conventional but is also afraid of GMO.
    It would be better main company involved was not Evil... (in my opinion)
    I don't know what to grow either. We are avoiding anything that is not contracted as if it is not contracted no one will take it. There are a few bins of oats setting around and we have a truck load we need to get rid of.
    The specialty seed folks won't let us grow canola here. We are trying camolina.
    I'm depending on people who don't want to spend the money to work ground and will hire me to no-till for them.

  2. They are calling it an "ABC" spring here. Meaning "Anything But Cereals" as their prices are poor compared to canola and peas and a few others.
    This GMO flax was developed by plant breeders with the best of intentions to make the flax resistant to a herbicide that lingered in the soil from a previous winter wheat crop which I doubt changes the flax as far as safety and nutrition goes. But of course the public has a knee jerk reaction to the term "GMO" so the fertilizer hit the fan last fall. Now we have to try and clean up the fallout and its going to be a long haul I think.

  3. I'd probably best keep my GMO opinions to myself, but I did enjoy the picture of your first calf of the year. I always enjoyed calving season, though we tried to start the season a bit later than what most folks do today. What breed are your cattle?

  4. Well I wouldn't quite call them a "Heinz 57" variety but my cattle are a bit of a mix. There is a good bit of Black Angus from the bull side and most of the cows are the descendents of remnants of the old dairy herd on this farm . It included Brown Swiss and a few others I can't recall. Good milk producers and the Angus influence makes them easy calvers.

  5. New life! Why a farmer goes out the door in the morning. Whatever breeding, those are beautiful animals.