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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nothing But Blue Sky

March going out like a lamb? Although the wind was a little lion-like it was definitely a beautiful spring day as this picture shows. Only a little snow left on the north side of hills and bushes. Melt water fills some of the low spots in the field but much less than normal for this time of year. Concerns of a drought already are being heard with predictions of poor crops and grasshopper infestations eating much of what does grow in the fields. We are still close to a month away from normal planting time and theres plenty of time for spring rains yet to change the outlook. The old farmers used to say, "I've never lost a crop in March yet". And its true.
I took this photo out of my window at mid day. Not a kodachrome but it might make you think "all the worlds a sunny day" as Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel used to say.


  1. Well, my barometer is going up but the weather says it will rain. The sun rise is also pretty reddish. My great Aunt always said, "red sky at morning sailor take warning," so I suppose it will be another day of rain.
    We have more vintage farm equipment to look at our front window.

  2. There are places in West Virginia about that flat. About three of them, in fact, if you count the parking lot at Wally World.

  3. Red sky at morning/evening, thats a familiar old saying that has some actual truth to it.
    Gorges, if you think this part of Sask. is flat you should see the south. Flat as a table and no trees. My area is actually known as the parkland with its rolling terrain and scattered aspen groves. Nice country. I couldn't handle working those flat open square fields of the south. Mine are much more "interesting".

  4. When I grow up and get my own farm I want one with a creek or river, a little grove of trees, perhaps a hill and several run down old barns that I can make plans to restore and never get it done.
    I have a feeling that this will not happen with my pay scale. But, it is nice to dream.