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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Flax 1999

A home video from 1999 showing how we harvested flax. My Dad driving his favourite old tractor at the end piling the straw for burning.


  1. was hotdogs and marshmellows on the menu that day also? :)

  2. What an excellent idea. Unfortunately all I have cooked on those fires was 4 raccoon carcasses and not with intentions of eating them.

  3. The Cockshutt sure seems to be a smooth runner. Amazing how easily the straw pushes up into piles. Maybe your dad is just very practiced at it! 3 questions:

    1.)I'm assuming that is oilseed flax. Am I correct?
    2.) What kind of combine is the older one in the video? I'm not familiar with the machine or the number.
    3.) What year is the IH pickup? I'm guessing '62. They sure changed a lot between then and my '70.

  4. Yes, those Buda six cylinders are a smooth engine. Flax is oilseed. That old 5542 Cockshutt used to be one of the most popular combines sold. You would likely see them in green and white with Oliver decals down south though. The IH is a 59 or maybe a 60, a B series. They kept that cab til the late sixties just changing the front clip to update. I need to get it out of the shed and running this summer.

  5. If only that combine was yellow... I think it would run better! I think they put Minneapolis-Moline decals on them also.
    I've got a friend who is talking about growing flax for oil seed production. Wonder how that will turn out.
    Nice IH truck. Don't see a lot of those around here anymore.
    The 20th century doesn't seem so long ago...

  6. Your right Budde,the MM 4292 was the same machine underneath the yellow paint and MM decals. With the exception of the Cockshutt combine, all the equipment is still in use on my farm. I have gotten so used to farming debt-free that I hate to replace equipment that still does the job.