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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Trucking Flax

It does'nt look much like spring in this video but the calendar says so. Plus it was a little above freezing the day I shot this video (March 17) so not a bad day to truck a load of flax to the cleaning plant in preparation for spring seeding. Roads are still solid but once it warms up it could be soft conditions for a while and heavy going. When all this snow melts there will be so much water in the fields that we wonder if it will even be possible to plant a crop this year. Still, I guess we have to plan and prepare for business as usual , even though the seed might stay in the bin til next year.


  1. Longest driveway I've seen. In the upper 70s here. No snow this year.

  2. I drove some Loadstars over the years. I once put the pedal down on a long downhill grade and got it all the way up to 65 MPH! But boy could those bruisers HAUL!

  3. I know a couple farmers who are planting Flax for oil seed production this year. People are pretty desperate for new crops to grow.
    Snow is beautiful when you are not out in it and freezing your arse.
    I've found another International which is completely rusted out but has a 20ft bed, tandem axles, and a 5 and 3. Bottom feeding again.

  4. Bobby, its a half mile, blame my grandfather for choosing to settle in the centre of the section.
    Gorges, my old 1600 Loadstar is pretty outclassed by all the big tandems and trailers on the scene now.
    Budde, maybe we should be planning to plant rice here. A good many acres are going to be under water when this snow finally melts. More of the "beautiful stuff" falling today.