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Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Out Like The Lamb

I guess I really need call display on my cell phone. Cell time is very expensive here so most of the time mine is turned off unless

I am expecting an important call. Cleaning up a bin of wheat this morning to go to the cleaning plant, so turn on the cell just in

case they call me regarding cleaning. Just as I finished shoveling 165 bushels of wheat and climb out of the bin, the cell rings.

Throw of the heavy mitts, pull off the dust mask, drop the phone in the snow as I hurry to answer and find a nice lady from

Statistics Canada wondering if this would be a good time to answer a survey on grain , acres seeded and other interesting such things.

It was tempting to tell her just how inconvenient a time it was but I kept it civil but brief.

Anyway, at least March went out like the proverbial lamb, as the attached video will show.

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