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Monday, March 18, 2013

A Sunny Day In The cattle shelter

Just playing with the camera waiting for spring. It is more like January than March. Colder than normal, not even close to spring thaw. Yet standing in the sun you can tell it is warming up. The cattle are content eating hay and soaking up the sunshine.
 Yesterday's snow must have been at least six inches deep. My driveway has not been so deep with snow in years and it was a good workout for the old tractor and snowblower today. Hopefully it will be wide enough for the grain hauler to get in and out of the yard without incident. The snowbanks are so high along the sides that I can't tell where the edge of the road is anymore and frequently slide off into deep snow with the tractor.
30 inches of snow in the sheltered areas of the yard. Yes, I had to measure it just to see. When this all turns to water we are going to have interesting times I think.


  1. It has it's good days Gorges. Then there are days I would gladly pay somebody to haul them all away.