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Friday, August 2, 2013

Barn Painting 2013

Barn painting day, first of August , 2013. Finally getting around to a job I have had in mind for quite a while. Had to be a fairly quiet day to use the sprayer so the wind didn't carry the paint away . I hadn't painted this old barn in years and it was overdue for another coat of red. After numerous complications and holdups I finally got painting in mid afternoon and finished the two worst sides by quitting time. It looked so good that next day I went to work on the new (1954) barn. It took a lot of hose to reach that barn from the air compressor and I probably wasted as much time rigging up an air line as I would have required to actually do the job with a brush.

Once set up it worked well and probably saved paint compared to a brush. Except for the full can of paint I accidentally spilled all over the ground in front of the shed when the sprayer cannister fell off.

Nice cool weather around 70 degrees for the job although this continuing below normal temperature is causing concern for some as the crops are slow to ripen and early frost is becoming a concern.

I finally got finished the second operation of chem fallow last week. Well overdue and the weeds were getting really big. Over 15 inches of rain in 30 days kept the fields so wet that it was really interesting dragging a sprayer around the field with four wheel drive, the only way to get the job done.

Forecasts of an excellent crop are driving grain prices down so I am glad to have almost emptied all the bins selling out before the price got any worse.

Here is a shot of the same old barn back in the fall of 44 when it was undergoing a renovation by my two grandfathers and a great uncle.


  1. My HOUSE is needing the same treatment!

  2. So the cup fell off the gun... Well of course it did! Funny how something always goes wrong!
    The barn will look nice. Hard to keep those old buildings maintained. Always something else to do.

  3. Even better, when the paint hit the ground it splashed onto my coveralls, soaked through to my blue jeans , also splashed onto the chrome bumper of one of my "vintage" trucks. I was a little upset.