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Friday, August 16, 2013

Coyote Stole My Cat Dish

Thought that catchy title would get your attention. I didn't see it but don't know what other animal is big enough or smart enough to carry away a heavy old cast aluminum frying pan (cat dish).
Temps have finally warmed up to normal and beyond for this week. I heard 34C on the radio today. Not sure what that is in farenheit but it is beyond the comfort zone for me. Luckily my work was being conducted from inside the air conditioned tractor cab other wise I might not have done much today. The nice weather was ideal for our crop tour/trail ride to the hundred acre woods and beyond last Sunday. Many crops were looked at and much scenery seen.
The day before I took in the local museum day and antique car show. Parking my 49 year old Chevy along side the "real antiques" was fun. Although some of the other owners had spent a fortune in rebuilding and restoring theirs while I have done nothing much more than wash and wax the old Chevy II.
Crops are still late and slow developing but this heat wave should bring them closer to normal stage if it keeps up. They are heavy looking and should yield well. Hopefully well enough to compensate for the recent drop in grain prices.


  1. Maybe you need to do a little coyote calling come fur season!

  2. Here we would blame the tweakers! There might be .000033 cents worth of aluminum in that pan!

  3. Aluminum frying pan with chin strap more effective than aluminum foil. Coyote 1, NSA 0.

  4. No bears that I know of. They don't show up on the trail cam, but then the coyote didn't either.

  5. One morning I looked out and noticed that our old dog had apparently upended a lid to cover her dish of food so that the magpies couldn't steal it. How clever is she! I thought, and bragged to all my friends. Till my husband came home later in the day and laughed when I told him, because he was the one who'd put the lid on, on his way out in the morning.