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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Make My Day

October 18th, I still had hope left when I took this photo yesterday evening. The flax straw had been tough going through the combine all afternoon and I had to reduce my ground speed to prevent plug ups. A bit of sunshine and strong winds helped but by late afternoon clouds took over and I could tell things were going downhill. I finished off this little patch of flax and quit before things got too ugly. After tearing up a $318 pickup belt last night when straw wrapped underneath it I was not wanting to do a repeat tonight. The odd spot of rain hit the windshield as I headed for home.
This morning began cloudy as usual, plus fog in the air. Looking out now I see snow falling.
The crop was dry and yielding well. Maybe 35 acres left to do but I guess the deer and moose will have it for the winter now.
There might still be hope for it though. October 29 of 1952 was a beautiful sunny day, or so I am told.


  1. Hope you get a break in the weather; 35 acres is nothing to sneeze at.

  2. We got quite an education by growing flax this year. We also tore up an expensive pickup belt. People warned me that flax wraps when it gets damp but I never even imagined how badly.
    I feel for you!

  3. Bud, flax straw will wrap, damp or dry. Gorges, 35 acres is pretty insignificant for the big guys around me but it will likely take me a couple of days to finish at the rate I have been going. Keeping in mind that a "day" now is maybe 6 hours. Rough ball park figure, there might be $12,000 worth of flax seed left out there.