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Monday, October 14, 2013

Woods In Autumn 2013

October 14, Thanksgiving day in Canada, Columbus Day for our neighbours to the south. Also my birthday. My thanksgiving day/birthday dinner was a spam sandwich which I was quite thankful for. Even more thankful that I finished combining wheat late this evening. Still not dry but in light of the forecast for damp weather in two days I decided to get it done before it gets any worse.
Yes, lots to be thankful for. I could make quite a list of complaints such as spending hours laying inside a combine body with various saws cutting flax straw out of a plugged beater. But its late and I won't get into that now.
I shot this video a few days ago while checking some fence line out in my woods. Beautiful scenery, perfect weather for fencing. Except for the fact that I lost my glasses in the long grass it was a good day.


  1. Flax straw is something to deal with. We baled ours hauled it off the field, and burned it. It kept wrapping on the elevator chain on the stacker. Every 20 bales I would have to cut it off the motor and sprocket.

  2. FLax straw would also make a good replacement for Kevlar bullet proof vests I think. Somebody please remind me, "next year do not double swath flax" 42 foot swaths are too much to put through my combine.

  3. Looks like good grouse country. Do you have many?

  4. I have a few ruffed grouse left here. Some sharptails and a few Hungarians too but they are not as numerous as years ago when there was more bush.

  5. What do you have for your Thanksgiving dinner? Turkey and stuffing and cranberries and pumpkin pie?
    Curious minds want to know...

  6. You are exactly right Bud. At least those that were not out riding combines eating spam sandwiches. From what I hear there were many turkeys and pumpkins sacrificed for thanksgiving day meals.