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Monday, October 28, 2013

When Will I Learn?

When will I learn, not to believe the weather forecasters ?. I don't usually consider myself a big gambler but this weekend I did. The weather man said nice weather for the next three days so I decided to wait and let the last patch of flax stand and dry out a little more before combining it. The flax I did harvest Saturday afternoon tested a bit high moisture so a little natural drying would be a good thing. As long as the sun shines and the wind blows. Monday morning woke up to clouds, cold and light snow fall. Wrong again! No harvesting today.

Well the sun did come out in the afternoon and it is looking hopeful for tomorrow except for the below normal temperature. It is getting down near 10F degrees tonight and those diesels will not be easy starters sitting out in the field with no access to plugging in block heaters. Guess I will go armed with booster cables and ether and hope for the best.
I got in a partial day of flax straw burning yesterday on the field that is finished. The heat of the burning straw piles felt good out in the cold wind. Still lots to burn when time permits.

We got the head off the little Super 90 Massey today to find that indeed the head gasket had burned through between #3 and #4 cylinders. Working on this tractor is like a jigsaw puzzle in reverse. Part A is connected to parts C and D which have to be unbolted so you can get part B removed. I will be lucky if I can remember how to put it all back together. Until then, no front end loader to handle bales.


  1. Hope the weather improves for you and your memory holds at least until the Massey is back together! :-)

  2. That fire had me worried until I read the whole post.
    I always use the digital camera to help me remember where things were before I take them apart.

  3. I did take a few pictures during disassembly. Sun is shining today and temperature is struggling up to the freezing mark so I might just make some dust.

  4. The flax seed buyer talked me into planting ten acres of fall flax. This is probably the year we will have a month of freezing weather.
    He also thinks he can sell the straw to dairies to use as feed. We shall see. Only getting .24 cents/lb so it only works because it makes a good rotation/breaks a weed cycle.
    Good luck with the repairs. I usually forget how it goes back together whilst waiting for parts.

  5. Bud, I can not imagine cows hungry enough to eat flax straw. Goats maybe. I finished last night. Clean up and putting the machinery away for winter today.