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Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday, Bad Weather

The long slow approach to spring continues but today we took a few steps back to winter. Heavy wet snow most of the day with a strong SE wind blowing it around. Mild enough that there is wet ground and water under the snow. Looks like I washed the Blazer too soon.
Glad calving is done as this wet weather is actually harder on calves than the cold dry weather. Much healthier for them to be on frozen dry ground in the cattle shelter than being soaked by wet snow melting on their backs.
In the good news department, got two semis of wheat hauled out this week. The window of opportunity was rapidly closing as it warmed up and that wheat needed to get out of the yard before the driveways got too soft for a loaded truck to get out. It needed to be an early morning before the frost came out of the surface of the ground. Although I am not normally a "morning person" we had those two trucks loaded and on their way by about 7:30 in the morning thanks to the grain vac. For those unfamiliar with such a machine, just imagine a really big vacuum cleaner powered by a 100+ horsepower tractor. It is noisy, very fast, and will pick up anything that is not fastened down, including  loose fitting  mitts and gloves .
I think you have to have spent at least a few years breathing grain dust and shoveling grain into a grain auger, to really appreciate a grain vac. .  
Today, Good Friday, this wet snow is a setback but not unusual for April in Sask. It may be my imagination but it does seem to have been a long winter.