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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Jack's Barn

 I've probably mentioned it here before. My great uncle Jack had this gambrel roofed barn built in 1924 and it has been an impressive landmark on the countryside ever since. While taking this photo of it yesterday I suddenly realized that the cupola that sat on the roof for the past 90 years was now missing. I guess 90 years of prairie winds finally took their toll. When the snow gets a little shallower I will have to walk over and check it out.

This photo shows the barn from the same angle when it was quite new.

In other news, the Super 90 Massey is finally running. The guys at Canadian Antique Tractor forum had me suspecting the fuel pump was needing replacement and I was about ready to believe it since everything else seemed to be alright yet the engine would not run for more than a few seconds. I discovered there was air still left in the line to the primary filter in spite of all the bleeding process I had done the past two days. Once that was cleared up the engine fired up and ran smooth as ever. Finally , some good news.


  1. Neat barn, hope you can fix the hole; it would be a shame to lose the barn at this point!

  2. Gorges, unfortunately the barn is not mine to fix anymore. Although close to me the land it sits on belongs to another farmer.