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Monday, June 9, 2014

Sunny Skies and Shiny Trucks

Another "lazy " blog post. Rather than come up with some creative comments I am just posting the link to my latest youtube video featuring a closer look at the International Loadstar that has been moving grain on and off this farm for the past 30 years.Thought I better shoot some video of it while it was clean.
Otherwise I am still the hamster on the treadmill. Managed to get the last field planted a few days ago and found that the canola was up and needed spraying for weeds right away. The chem fallow also needed spraying yesterday. It is almost unbelievable how things have grown with all this rain . Grain needs to be moved and rain falls every other day. It is wetter in the fields now than it was a month ago. There is discussion over on agriville about which is worse, flooding or drought. Consensus seems to be whichever one you have right now is the worst. The only drought I have ever experienced was 1988, Otherwise it has been adequate to excessive moisture the rest of the time.

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  1. That truck is the type that I used to drive many moons ago, except they had boxes, not beds. Good solid trucks!