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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Once again, rain!

Nothing new here. Just rain every day this week it seems. The ducks and beavers are happy. Crops are growing pretty good, as are the weeds since it is impossible to get into the fields with a sprayer. I am well on the way to matching last year's "15 inches of rain in 30 days" figure. Maybe I will have "organic" crops this year. No herbicide applied to them. Unfortunately that would mean likely half the yield and weed infested fields and not able to sell the grain for organic prices. You need to be an "accredited" organic farmer for that and it takes several years.
Meanwhile, rubber boots are the footwear of necessity here, preferably ones that don't leak. To see sunshine and hay making in process you can look at the Lazy Farmer's blog.


  1. It is global climate change which started around the time I started attempting to repair the tractor a/c myself.
    However, I just got the weather forecast and it is now supposed to rain here on Tuesday. This will be the fourth year in a row I have got the same person's hay rained on.

  2. Have been looking at weather forecasts. We have one day of hot weather followed by 50 percent chance of showers, followed by 75 degrees, followed by showers. All in all it takes away another week of the hay harvest but not enough rain to water the corn.
    But I can't complain when I look at you standing in a mud puddle!