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Monday, June 16, 2014

A Walt Disney Moment

Checking out the latest photos on the trail cam and some made me think of the Walt Disney movies where all species seem to get along and be friends. No fighting or killing. This rather large raccoon is eating a bit of wheat that was swept out of the truck box recently. The doe came along to get her share. As well the magpie was right in there. I saw no sign of competition or aggression. I guess if it comes down to the last few kernels of wheat we might see a fight.
At least they won't be fighting over who is greater, Allah or God. I have not watched this supposedly graphic and violent video yet.
 Not sure if I will. The damp and rainy weather preventing me from crop spraying is depressing enough without watching something like this.

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  1. They'd probably be more likely to fuss with their own species.