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Monday, October 20, 2014

Another Day In The Field

Not the greatest photo but the one I took today turned out to be invisible so this one is from yesterday. . Just one small problem in a series of bigger ones . I am going to try and be like Bud E. Shepherd and remain an optimist and have a positive attitude though.
With that in mind I will not complain about getting stuck in the mud with the swather (again) and pulling it out myself (with a little help from the tractor). Flax swathing went well aside from that. The walk for the tractor through moose territory was uneventful thankfully.
And of course the biggest bright spot in the day was that I did not burn down the combine even though there was smoke coming out of the feeder house from the smoldering bundle of flax straw that had somehow wrapped and accumulated on the return auger shaft just above the cylinder on the 7721 combine. I really need a new pair of gloves without holes in them. Although the holes in mine did help me detect where the hot spots were on the combine. No serious burns luckily.
Again on the positive side it was a beautiful warm day with record breaking high temperature. Exactly what I need to get the harvest done. I would prefer not to have wasted at least two of the good hours on mud and fires but hopefully there will be more weather like it. I need a few good days.


  1. Ralph, I hope you get your few good days and your gloves. As for moose, I'd carry a rifle.

  2. I have a heat-treated IH 1480 you can have do do flax with. Just needs a couple belts and hoses replaced and an engine.
    That whole optimism thing is pretty over-rated. I tell you the secret to happiness is diminished expectations, if you always expect the worst, you are always pleasantly surprised as the worst never happens. But, if if does then you can say, I told you that would happen...

  3. I saw that you hade posted a green IH truck photos on a 2006 posting. I baught the truck this year and would like to know if you would have information/history on the 1926 S-26 International Harvester truck.