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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Harvest Thanksgiving

Only in Canada as I know the U.S. has their's later. I had an uncle who used to say it was too early for thanksgiving. Too early to sing the hymn "All Is Safely Gathered In", and he would sometimes refuse to go to the Church service to give thanks since he had not yet been able to finish harvest. Many are in that position this year as harvest is late due to wet weather.
I still have a ways to go but am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as I finished the standing wheat today and only have a few acres of oats and flax left to do. This last field of wheat was thin and short in places so I made good time. Acres per hour were high, bushels per hour not. Glad to be done in the "swamp" that this field has become. I have no end of respect for the mud handling capabilities of the 1660 CIH combine. Those big Goodyear tires were churning up mud numerous times, to the point that the rear wheels would not even steer anymore. And still it maintained forward motion. Having two big tow ropes on stand by must have been good insurance. Its not hard to stay awake on this job having to keep close watch for water down under the crop canopy, or that "sinking feeling" as the wheels quite literally sink in mud. The hydro starts to whine a little as forward motion slows. Its an adventure......
Lots to be thankful for including good friends and family who put on a special thanksgiving/birthday dinner today.

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