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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Almost A Replay of 1952

I harvested the last few acres of last year's flax crop today. It took most of the day getting machinery ready, swathing, driving home to fix a sickle that broke when I hit a rock. Combining went well with no problems in the mud, although a little spongy and soft out there. The getting ready and cleaning up afterwards took longer than the actual combining but at least it is done and I can now pile and burn the straw getting the field ready to plant.
I wonder how long it took my dad and uncle Sandy to harvest the field of wheat in April of 1952 with the little Case model A combine? Those wheat swaths laid out through the winter of 51-52 but survived fairly well. The wheat was very dry, a little light in bushel weight too. Getting stuck in the mud was a problem at times. Sandy's LA Case tractor pulling the combine and Dad's model D John Deere waiting ready to hitch up and pull when the Case got stuck in mud.


  1. Hi sorry to post this here but not sure how to contact you, saw an old post on a tractor site that said you had some literature on old McKee snowblowers? I'm looking at a White 2-135 that come with a monster front mounted one. It must be 6 feet tall and 10 or 11 feet wide. There is a driveshaft that runs under the tractor from the rear.

    Any chance something like that is described in your brochures?

    1. Hi Ken
      The McKee brochure I have is from 1975 and covers the whole line from this little econo plow six right up to the big Payloader mounted units with their own engine drive. Chances are yours is included in their somewhere. I'll have a look.