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Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Hawthorn Tree

We have a few wild hawthorn trees that grow in the area. This one is blooming now and quite noticeable from a quarter mile away. I took a drive through the field while picking rocks and got a photo of it. Turns out they are quite a medicinal tree. Uses for hawthorn
And the flowers have a strange smell .

History and Traditions & Folklore

Many country villagers believed that Hawthorn flowers still bear the smell of the Plague of London-the flowers are mostly fertilized by carrion insects, attracted by the suggestion of decay in the perfume. 2
The tree was regarded as sacred, probably from a tradition that it furnished the Crown of Thorns. It adorns the family crest of English royalty, the Oglives, chosen by Henry VII. 2 

It is a tree of Mars. The seeds in the berries beaten to powder being drank in wine, are held singularly good against the stone, and are good for the dropsy.
Nicholas Culpeper, 1653

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