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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Seeding Done

But still busy as usual. Sprayed burn off on the last flax field as weed control is not much when planting with two inch wide "spoons". Did a little chem fallow spray to use up the last half a tank and managed to bend one spray boom when a wheel dropped into a deep hole. Muskrats? I was able to straighten it about 90% right using two tractors.
I was a little surprised to see one grain bin has turned into a 1600 bushel self feeder for the deer due to a slight panel leak in the door that I missed.
So I set up the trail cam to see what other animals might show up. So far nothing but deer. 
Tremendous drying happening in the fields as we have had barely a quarter of the normal amount of rain for May. Fields that were worked wet now have lumps of soil hard as bricks. Not sure how the crop will emerge. It will be rough. 
Soft spots , "frost boils" are still an issue in the yard and many roads. I hauled a couple of loads of gravel with the old yellow International yesterday evening to fill in the worst one on my driveway. 
I have begun to reclaim my yard from the grass and dandelions growing unchecked since spring thaw. The little old John Deere has it's work cut out for it. 

And believe it or not there is possible risk of frost overnight. I can cover up the tomatoes an potatoes in the garden but any crop in the fiel is at the mercy of the weather. I don't think the canola and flax are up yet so they should be fine.

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