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Sunday, September 6, 2015

56 Years Ago

Yes, rainy weather gave me a chance to do some video editing, photo scanning, etc. Couple of vintage Austrian letters to send for translation . Just the usual stuff.
Oh, btw., my rain gauge is showing close to 4 inches for the weekend. It will do more harm than good at this time of the year but I won't complain. Reading the news of the world makes my problems seem pretty insignificant.
The 56 years in the title refers to this 1959 photo from one of the family albums I scanned. Only two of the subjects in the photo are still living (that I know of) , and I am one of them.

The indoor temperature is down to 64 degrees here this evening. If it was winter I'd be turning up the furnace. So here is a video I shot back in June when it was 85 degrees and I was probably complaining about the heat.

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