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Sunday, September 27, 2015

So Much For The Super Moon

And the lunar eclipse. I guess I missed it. Nice and clear and sunny all day til about 5:30 when clouds started building. Sure enough, just after the moon rose on the horizon it was obscured by clouds. It was big and I did take a quick photo while swathing wheat but then the clouds took over the view. Oh well, no big deal as I guess there will be thousands (millions?) of others who did see it and take pictures.

Swathing going well but I can't believe this wheat is not ready to combine. The straw is dry and heads breaking off as I swath. Yet the sample I tried with the combine this morning tested 17.5% which is 3 percent above the dry mark. And that is after laying in the swath since last Tuesday. What little I did combined nice, straw going through and breaking up to nothing. Yet when I stepped into the grain in the tank to get a sample I could tell right away it was not quite dry.
I could go ahead and combine it at this high moisture level and risk it heating in the bin but I'll gamble on another day or two of drying. Theres plenty of chance and time to combine it tough in late October.
A photo from this afternoon when the sun shone and there was 360 degrees of great scenery around me.

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