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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Harvest Rain

Typical harvest weather. It is raining in Sask. (inch and two tenths) and is forecast to continue all weekend. At least today I know the combine stays in the shed. Yesterday I came close to getting it out of the shed and trying a sample of grain. Every time I climbed up on the combine I could hear a few spots of rain hit the roof. Never amounted to anything but threatening enough that I thought it not advisable to start  the half day of work moving everything that was in the way of getting the combine out.
Nothing was overly ready here anyway since I don't desiccate my crops to speed up harvest. It seems that most around me do so that gives quite an advantage in speeding up crop ripening. As long as you are ok with a little glyphosate residue on your wheat flour I guess it  works.
I had to turn the radio off one day when they kept reporting on the percentage of harvest completion in Sask. I am at zero percent complete  and don't need to be reminded how far behind normal I am.
An old saying my dad used to quote, "when you think your wheat is ready to combine, go out and work your summerfallow first". Meaning that wheat often looks good and ready to cut quite a while before the sample actually tests dry so give it  few more days and work on something else.
Or something.


  1. I feel you pain. Cool temperatures and showers and two weeks till corn silage harvest. Hopefully there will be no frost.