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Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 17, 1952

Today, April 17, back in 1952 my dad and Uncle Sandy were harvesting wheat swaths that had laid in the swath all winter. . The wheat was dry and still reasonably good quality considering it laid out under the snow all winter. The field was still muddy in places and required a little help from an extra tractor at times. As seen in the photo, Dad's John Deere D standing by to help. Sandy's LA Case on the combine. No trucking here, they just unloaded the combine hopper straight into the grain bin in the background.

I wondered if I might re-live history and combine the flax I have left in the field from last fall on the same date. Not too likely for a few more days though. The fields are still too soft to stand the weight of heavy equipment. Getting stuck in the mud and breaking things is a way to ruin my day. 

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