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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spring Update

Just a quick update as I stop to eat dinner before heading back to work. This picture shows the nice scenic sky and surroundings where I was working in the "hundred acre woods" last Friday. I was not appreciating it fully as I was busy under the hood of the tractor attaching a (hopefully) repaired fuel line. I was in the process of loading up rocks from a pile my grandfather and uncles made many years ago. Using them to dump in a mudhole on the prairie trail which has become our only access due to flooding.
It still needs a lot of work but I ran out of time and its time to hook onto the anhydrous rig. Of course another holdup there. Nothing that $200 worth of hydraulic hose can't fix and hopefully I will get started later today.
I have a few thoughts on the beaver derby vs: tree huggers debate here but I better not start on that now.


  1. I bet you're a bit biased on that beaver business. LOL

    1. Possibly some might say that I am biased on the side of common sense.