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Friday, April 29, 2016

Harvesting in Spring

It finally happened today. Ran out of ground to anhydrous, so had to hitch onto the combine and pick up the flax swaths that got left out last fall. Got a good start anyway. Ground mostly firm, flax so dry it won't even register on the tester. Kind of an ugly sample though. Laying out all winter did not do it any favours. Hopefully someone will want to buy it.
It was a long day but went by quickly as tractor work so often does when I"m totally immersed in the job. Watching out for mud, straw wrapping on shafts, pickup stalling and rolling up swath like a snowball. Flax straw hitting the cylinder with a might thump but the John Deere posi torque drive pushing it through. Watching for deer antlers laying in the swath (found one). To be continued..