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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Got my "r"s Back

The letter "r" on the old asus laptop gave up completely a week or so ago so I've been improvising by copying and pasting the letter "r" from wherever I might find one handy. But it really slows down my normally fast typing speed plus the annoyance of trying to think  of words I can use to express myself that don't contain the letter r.
But I'm back and typing on a new logitech wireless keyboard that seems to work  well. It came with a spare wireless mouse too so I guess I have a spare.
We are gradually acclimatizing to the onset of normal (cold) weather. Daytime highs of 5F and a strong Northwest wind pushed the wind chill factor up into the uncomfortable zone even with the multiple layers of clothes I normally wear.
In my usual manner of getting things done just in time, I got the harvest machinery mostly cleaned up and parked in their winter shed locations before it got too cold to run them. We got the flax bales hauled off the field and stacked near the greenhouse ready for the stove when required. Before the snow got too deep in the fields.
I got a start on installing the new rear shocks on the 52 Merc but don't spend too much time laying on the floor in these temperatures as it takes the fun out when the hands start to freeze up.
Merc rear axle and  shock

Nearly froze them on Monday while chain sawing beaver logs off the fence line. Once I'd got working hard enough to get the blood circulating I was ok but for a while I was feeling that special intense pain I get when (almost ) frozen fingers start to thaw. Gloves just don't do it for me. Should have been wearing mitts.
Just about wore my back out handling some of those logs. Now I need to go back and fix the fence that got wrecked.

In the news, another blow to the Canadian cattle industry  with over 20,000 cattle quarantined and at least half going to be destroyed. 


  1. Glad you got your "R's" back; now you can roll them and pretend you're Irish. It's a shame about all the cattle that will be destroyed. I bet most of the owners don't have insurance, either.

  2. Replies
    1. Somewhere I still have the certificate from high school typing class. Seems to me it was 60 or 65 words per minute which was quite a feat on those old manual dinosaurs. Took me quite a while to get used to these light touch electronic keyboards.

    2. LOL - I still do hunt and peck. I once applied for a decent-paying job that required some minimal typing skills - 20 words per minute. I tested 19.75; close, but no cigar!

  3. Horrible about those cattle.
    I don't have your problem with cold hands outdoors (don't know how you farmboys manage, honestly I don't), but cold feet when outside in winter, mostly if sitting in a vehicle. It doesn't matter what kind of boots I wear or what kind of socks. I'm thinking I might have to buy some of those battery-operated heating socks. Is that crazy? - Kathy

    1. Battery powered socks might be a good option for you. I know standing or sitting still is guaranteed to give me cold feet/hands. Let me know if they work :-)