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Thursday, December 22, 2016

New Rear Shocks On The Merc

I finally got the new rear shocks installed on the Merc in November/December. Some days were just too cold to work out on the cement floor at 0F degrees. I recorded some of the highlights as it would have been a several hour movie to watch if I'd recorded the whole thing. It is uploaded in HD. I don't know if that makes a noticeable difference to the video quality but it was a much bigger file than normal and took over an hour to upload to youtube.
Had it out for a short test drive yesterday and can't say I noticed much difference. But I know the rear axle will be more securely attached to the rest of the car with two new shocks.
In other news I've got the auxiliary wall unit gas heater working in the house again. The first guys still haven't returned my call but the one I called this morning was here and had it fixed within 4 hours of the call. I'll know who to call next time. And who not to.


  1. I've seen OLD instructions where they advised you to oil the leaf springs. Newer versions say NOT to, because it supposedly attracts dirt and causes wear. I would think that WD-40 would help keep them from rusting as badly, though, while being dry enough not attract mush dirt.

    1. Gorges,to those who know me it will come as no surprise that I found an even cheaper way to lube the springs. In fact I spray the whole underside of the vehicle with used motor or hydraulic oil once in a while. It might attract the dust some but thats better than rust.